*This is a gentlemen-only event.
*This is a politics-free event. No political signs, clothing or flags will be allowed.

‘Shoes will be in the air just after 11:00 AM and the cost is $70 per man which includes a highly-coveted Smash Saturday shirt and beer truck access from 1-5 PM. This is not a NHPA Sanctioned Tournament and is in no way affiliated with the NHPA. We encourage Every Player to Read the Tournament Rules.

Marie’s Kozy Korner (Home of the Smash Saturday Summer League) has opened its doors to us and we encourage you to take advantage of everything the bar has to offer. It’s going to be Hot with little shade near the pits. Please prepare to be in the sun. Feel free to bring pop-ups, chairs, tents, extra water or whatever you may need to stay cool.

Marie’s will have food and drink specials available throughout the day. No Outside Alcoholic Beverages will be permitted at Any Time. If the Bar throws you out, you’re also out of the Tournament.

When not throwing, we highly recommend that you simply enjoy the day – if you’re hot, go inside to cool off; feel like you’re dehydrating – drink some water. Common Sense goes a long way – especially if you are contending this year.

Good Luck to all!