2021 Draft Guide

Important Dates

April 20 – Rookie Meet and Greet 7:00 PM

April 24 – Draft. Noon at Marie’s.

May 4 – Opening Day.


Draft order – Based on 26 Teams.

1. Shawn McNamee, 2. Tyler Marcelis 3. Tom Pucher, 4. Jimmy Buchanan, 5. Joshua Tepper, 6. Matty D’Andrea, 7. Jason Dreyer, 8. Derek Collins, 9. Mike Harkins, 10. Kyle Tepper, 11. Jason Snowden, 12. Ed Briganti, 13. Damian Caputo, 14. Joe Williams, 15. Shaun Profy, 16. Bryan Hutchinson, 17. Steve Slivka, 18. Kevin Smith, 19. Tom Ace, 20. Vince End, 21. Jack Coffman, 22. Brandon Tepper, 23. Jim Buchanan, 24. Joe Tepper, 25. Nate Clifford, 26. Johnny D’Andrea.

Below is a complete list of available players for the 2021 Summer League Draft along with their 2020 statistics.

The “Projected” Column is the Executive Committee’s conclusion, reached after careful consideration, as to where each player will land. Rookies that have not been seen, have not yet been evaluated. Trades are Subject to the approval of the Commissioner. This guide is subject to change.

*All Columns are Sortable.

2021 Draft Guide

RankPlayerProjectedGames WonGames PlayedTotal RingersRinger %
1Bill Herron10421353.21
2Jim Pote10351042.97
3Joey Tepper1030832.77
4Joseph Guthrie10411112.71
5Mickey McLaughlin1028752.68
6Jason Lawson10481272.65
7Ron Cosenza1036952.64
8Steve Yaeger10451162.58
9Mike Ghantt10401022.55
10Joey Ruggiero10411022.49
11Fred Grosscup1035872.49
12Willy Wilson10441072.43
13Ian Byrne2037892.41
14David Piel10451072.38
15John Morris2040942.35
16Mike Rivells2040932.33
17Christopher Colfer1039902.31
18Jeff Wicker1034782.29
19Cory Hutchinson1041932.27
20Steve Goldfarb1032722.25
21Mark McNamee1037832.24
22Doug Taylor2043942.19
23Ed Weeks1043912.12
24Ricky Szygiel2031652.10
25Jim Cross2040832.08
26Dan Doherty3038782.05
27Joe Malone2036711.97
28David Mrozowicz2039751.92
29Lou Mamie3039751.92
30Dylan Caputo2032611.91
31Joe Gratton2031581.87
32Bob Whitfield3035631.80
33Joe Ansel2039661.69
34Erik Burg2039641.64
35Kevin White2030481.60
36Nolan Applegate2039621.59
37Nathan Clattenburg3037561.51
38Timothy Clark3042611.45
39Jason Tisone2040541.35
40Sean Edmondson2036471.31
41Kevin Pavel2031401.29
42Dan Walter3029351.21
43Charlie Shellenberger3032381.19
44Joe Boris3046531.15
45Nick Shope3026250.96
46Richard Breech3032270.84
47Steve Daugherty3030240.80
48Earl Hibbs3036180.50
49Mike Lager20000.00
50Robert Bernath-0000.00
51Sean Foley-0000.00
52Matt Madden20000.00
53Dom Demarchis-0000.00
54Jeremy Crafford-0000.00
55Suga Free30000.00
56Rich Brady-0000.00
57Eric Arnott20000.00
58Kevin Fallon-0000.00
59Tony Shipley-0000.00
60Kyle Garcia-0000.00
61Edwin Cardona20000.00
62Edward Welsford-0000.00
63Anthony Gardineer-0000.00
64Steve Lee20000.00
65Michael Niatas-0000.00
66Franklin Santos-0000.00
67Tyler Bylina-0000.00
68Kenny Mcintyre10000.00
69Windsor Boyce30000.00
70Anthony Trainor-0000.00
71Guy D’Andrea20000.00
72Jim Ludwig30000.00
73Liam Dooley-0000.00
74Brian Danglo-0000.00
75Thomas Reilly-0000.00
76Mikey Mackereth-0000.00
77Matthew Cooper-0000.00
78Bill Ivory10000.00

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