On Behalf of the League Commissioner, its Officers and our Host, Marie’s Kozy Korner, it’s a pleasure to Welcome You to the 2023 Smash Saturday Summer Horseshoe League at the Mike Romer Horseshoe Pits.

We Extend our Very Best Wishes for a Safe, Enjoyable and Memorable season.

A Few Things to Point Out..

1. League. The Smash Saturday Summer League Consists of 27 Four-Player Teams with Two Divisions. All Teams will have a have a chance to make the Playoffs – regardless of record.

2. Matches. Weekly League Matches begin May 2 and run through Championship Saturday. Complete Season Schedules can be found on individual team pages as well as on the Master Schedule. All Matches begin at 7:00 PM.

3. All League Members are responsible for the condition of the pits. Please remember to leave the Court just as you found it by placing covers on the pits when your Match is complete as well as putting the shoes back in storage. It’s simple – clean up when you’re done.

4. Website and Twitter. SmashSaturday.com and the Smash Saturday Twitter handle (@smashsaturday) are the source of truth for all scheduling and event questions. Visit Often.
Beginning Week 1, smashSaturday.com will feature complete Player Stats, Team Standings and Upcoming Matches. Additionally, each player has his own individual stat page on SmashSaturday.com. The site is the League’s Bible. 2023 Player stats are found here.

5. Rules and Fairness Provisions. League Rules and Fairness Provisions are posted here: smashsaturday.com/league-rules.

6. Fees. The League Participation Fee is $100 per Player. This Fee is Due to the League Treasurer by July 1. We no longer accept weekly or bi-weekly installments (toss the money in an envelope at home and give it to us when full.) Venmo or Cash accepted. Venmo – @smashsaturday.

7. Home team is responsible each week for Pit Preparation. Members of the Home Team should arrive early, groom the pits and paint the stakes before the match.

8. Parking at Marie’s is sometimes difficult. If you can’t find a spot in the Marie’s lot, feel free to park across the street. The Century 21 lot next to the bar is no longer an. option.

9. Contact Information. League Phone: (267) 991-0225.

Again, welcome to the 2023 Summer League Season.