1) Players:
Must be registered before the tournament begins.

2) Horseshoes:
St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoes are provided for pitching.
-Players Must use provided horseshoes. No other brand of ‘shoes are permitted for tournament play.
-Members of a team must throw the Same Set of horseshoes.

3) Points:
Ringer: 3 points
Leaner: 1 points
Shoe in Count: 1 point
Shoes more than a horseshoe length from the stake will receive zero (0) points.

4) Dead Shoes:
Shoes that hit grass in front of the pit, wood, or behind the pit will be considered dead and should be pulled from the pit.

5) Definitions:
Ringer: If a straight-edge can touch both ends of the horseshoe it is a ringer – this must be agreed to by both parties. If there is a discrepancy, anyone not playing can judge the ‘shoe with that person’s word being final and absolute.

Shoe in Count: Any portion of the ‘shoe is within a horseshoe’s length of the stake.

Leaner: A ‘shoe leaning on the stake.

6) Winner
The first team to reach 21 points (win by two) will be declared the winner.
If there is a tie at 21 or if the score is 21-20, the teams will play until one team wins by two but not past one team scoring 25 – “Straight to 25.”

7) Cancellation
We play cancellation format. Only one player can score each inning. After one player from each team has pitched two shoes each to a pit, the score will be tallied.

– One player’s ringer cancels an opponent’s ringer.
– Only the closest Shoe in Count will score. If one player has two (2) Shoes in Count and they are both the closest, two (2) points will be scored.
– Shoes in Count of equal distance from the stake will cancel each other. If one player throws one (1) uncancelled ringer as well as the closest Shoe in Count, four (4) points will be scored.

The contestant who scored in the preceding inning shall pitch first in the next inning. If neither contestant scores, the contestant who pitched last in the preceding inning shall pitch first in the next inning.

8) Delivery
Players will alternate. The first player will deliver one shoe (underhanded) and then the other player shall deliver one shoe (underhanded) then repeat. A contestant may deliver the shoes from either the left or right pitching area, but in any one inning, both shoes must be delivered from the same side of the stake.

-No contestant shall walk to the opposite stake (except to remove a foul shoe).

9) Foul Lines
Before pitching, players must begin from behind the stake (line) in the pit from which they are pitching.

There are exceptions to this rule. A player may begin with a part of one foot over the line only if he does not cross the line with the other foot before the shoe has been tossed.

It is completely up to the players and opponents to be mindful of this. If a violation is pointed out and is confirmed, the player will be given a warning. After the warning, if it is proven that a violation has occurred again, the player’s team will be deducted a single point from their current game. If this happens a third time, the offending player’s team will forfeit the game.

10) Pre-Game
Whichever team has the White Horseshoes before the game begins will go first.

12) Additional
-Players may only pitch for one team unless otherwise determined and all parties are notified.
-Judges decisions are final. This is a gentleman’s game. Please respect the rulings of the judges.