Below is a complete list of available players for the 2022 Summer League Draft along with their past RPG- “Average Ringers Per Game.”

The “Projected” Column is the Executive Committee’s conclusion, reached after careful consideration, as to where each player will land.

Trades are Subject to the approval of the Commissioner. This guide is subject to change.

*All Columns are Sortable. Download the 2022 Draft Kit Here.

2022 Summer League Draft Board

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PlayerProjectedWin %RPG
Mike Ghantt162.503.05
David Mrozowicz157.842.99
Ricky Szygiel255.772.92
Kenny Mcintyre153.772.92
Liam Dooley151.332.91
John Morris160.002.85
Jim Pote156.102.78
David Piel155.562.67
Damian Caputo159.262.57
Nick Kane156.522.57
Ron Cosenza156.822.56
Dylan Caputo (Sub)255.242.56
Ed Briganti144.042.55
Shawn McNamee166.022.52
Jason Lawson150.002.50
Ian Byrne247.062.50
Matt Madden248.602.49
Bill Herron149.512.48
Bruce Kutz251.432.48
Erik Burg252.502.47
Mark McNamee140.202.47
Cory Hutchinson239.392.44
Steve Goldfarb155.362.42
Steve Lee147.272.41
Kevin White260.002.41
Kevin Fallon352.482.33
Jim Ludwig256.002.32
Christopher Colfer259.182.27
Steve Yaeger242.712.23
Mike Rivells234.832.22
Jeremy Crafford344.952.21
Jeff Wicker132.322.18
Nolan Applegate247.622.17
Eric Arnott242.002.16
Willy Wilson140.342.06
Jason Tisone248.572.06
Michael Niatas249.522.04
Joseph Guthrie244.442.03
Sean Foley337.782.01
Sean Edmondson239.001.98
Joe Gratton243.691.97
Tony Shipley346.361.97
Franklin Santos347.371.94
Dan Doherty340.401.92
Nathan Clattenburg242.311.92
Dave Simone343.241.84
Anthony Trainor351.091.84
Roney Murphey350.001.84
Evan Collins360.001.80
Lou Mamie333.701.76
Edward Welsford343.271.73
Kevin Pavel345.241.67
Guy D’Andrea343.531.67
Mark Gregoria230.261.66
Dom Demarchis340.431.66
Edwin Cardona332.411.63
Timothy Clark352.381.62
Rich Brady356.001.57
Steve Daugherty340.951.50
Kyle Garcia342.861.50
Charlie Shellenberger343.561.43
Joe Malone340.221.34
Richard Breech346.591.23
Earl Hibbs338.951.20
Bob Whitfield342.311.19
Windsor Boyce330.591.13
Suga Free327.370.85
Brian Danglo335.900.72
Joe Kiss1(R)-
Anthony Gardineer3(R)-
Kevin DeGroff2(R)-
Todd Thomas3(R)-
Joe Meehan3(R)-
Brian Wistner2(R)-
Ray Morris Sr.2(R)-
Brian Martin2(R)-
Mike Perko1(R)-
Mike Carmody2(R)-
Tim Cloak2(R)-
Bruce Neal1(R)-
Dennis Dreyer2(R)-
Karl Gausz Jr.2(R)-
Kyle Dombrowski3(R)-
Joel Caputo3(R)-