Jimbo’s a Two-Time Player of the Year (2018 and 2019) and a perennial ass-kicking All-Star.

While Jim has the last pick in this year’s draft, be sure that he’s been thinking about his 2020 team long before the last shoe was thrown in 2019. We’d all be lucky to be a member of Jim’s team – although it must be said that his own son doesn’t want to be one of them.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2023Pitchin’ Smoke134152634716455.323.49416.26
2022Pin Dancers114222734215864.293.76452.48
2021High Voltage Ringers165303535122568.634.41521.80
2020Brook Lives Matter131243544317981.404.16513.67



Shaun’s coming into 2020 Season with the same teeth-gnarling intensity he brings to any $5 pickup game. He strives to bury his opponents below the pits on a weekly basis, and if you’re fortunate enough to beat the contending team he’ll assuredly be putting together – it’s his teammates you’ll be feeling sorry for.

Shaun’s been thinking long and hard about getting back in POY form in 2020. If he drafts you, it’s because you’re worthy of the spot.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2021I’d Hit That150274115220478.853.92475.15
2020Sweep the Leg98283134115475.613.76463.22
2017Veal Parm and the Boys1982842N/A6125468.854.16485.25



No Shirt – No Problems. Once this Ringer Machine finds the right spot on the court, it’s lights out for his opponents and Fun in the Sun for his teammates. Strap yourself in for a very wild ride.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2021No Patience171433145525756.364.67539.64
2020Penthouse Paupers149222714319362.794.49515.63



Brandon set out in 2019 to prove he’s worthy to be a top player in the Smash Saturday Summer League and in 2019 he did just that.

Finishing third in Total Ringers (230) and a 65.52 Winning Percentage, B-Tep showed that he is not only ready of taking a team to the top, he’s more than capable.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2021No Patience171433145525756.364.67539.64
2020Penthouse Paupers149222714319362.794.49515.63



What sets Johnny apart from the rest of the players in the League is the extra Chromosome he was born with. It’s impossible for him to be out-worked in this league. When he wins, he’ll shake your hand and go home to practice, when he loses he’ll shake your hand, go inside, get drunk and then go home to practice.

We know what you’re saying, “I work hard. I practice. I want to win just as much as Johnny.”

O Yeah? Answer this question: When was the last time you lapped up an entire horseshoe pit full of gallons of water with a single sponge?

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
20223 and a Half Men203433986028965.004.82578.67
2021Sweet as Suga212524546031675.005.27617.67
2020Lemon Dog Cookies148253134419870.454.50532.45
2019Larry Joe’s165364146123767.213.89471.74
20173 Men and a Burger1271628N/A5315952.833.00352.83



The Rare 4-for-4 player. Not much more needs to be written about “Six-Pack” Jack other than he turned a team of Hard-Smokin’, Hell-Raisin’ misfits into the 2019 Champions.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2024Graceful Shoes59231342410554.174.38507.67
2023Six Pack Drinkers152383925322873.584.30511.77
2022Levittown High Rollers178383635825462.074.38512.00
2021L-Town High Rollers138243135818653.453.21386.14
2020Hard Chargers129182604016565.004.13477.50
2019High Rollers174273646522855.383.51422.15



2019s Most Improved Player is set for a breakout year in 2020. How do we know? Hutch has told us – many times – over and over again. While the swagger is there in spades, it’s the ever-improving game we’re all learning to Appreciate / Hate.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
20234 Shoes and a Pin140152605917044.072.88332.20
2022Pitch Drunk171213135921352.543.61425.56
2021Ball Breakers203283446325953.974.11481.08
2020Dirty Hookers132262534818452.083.83447.42



Tom’s love of the game is like no other and the League is fortunate to have him join for the 2020 Season. This guy’s a player – one we all need to fear.




We keep hearing that Steve’s just at good as Horseshoes as he is at Darts. While that certainly sets a high bar, what we are sure of is that Steve’s set to take a team deep into the playoffs in 2020 – if the Blackberry Brandy holds out.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2023Just the Tip171384145324777.364.66559.40
2022Just the Tip164534035927067.804.58537.42
2017Killa Beez1091524N/A4513953.333.09362.22



Always willing to lend a hand, Mickey is sure to put together a team set to contend in 2020.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2024Hand Grenades5911161198184.214.26514.53
2023Dirty Pins116262824416863.643.82453.45
2022Rookies Only Club134334335020086.004.00498.00
2021You’re Next148283935320473.583.85470.49
2017Ol’ Dirty Bastards1451637N/A5717764.913.11375.44



Joe Williams’ special gift is that he knows exactly who he’s going to have on his team in 2020. While the draft may or may not go his way, there are two things that are certain – the three players he’s targeted may or may not be with him this year and that his team name will have the word “Pink” in it.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2024On the Hop55350206125.003.05330.00
2022Wolf Pack142232925418853.703.48409.85
2021Little Pink180143135620855.363.71438.79
2020Pink In The Middle110232124215650.003.71429.43
2019KMart Cruisers155162825918747.463.17372.41
2018Croydon Crew1251023N/A4814547.923.02350.00
2017Pink Panthers1371323N/A5316343.403.08350.94



If you find yourself on Mike’s team, you’ve already won. This veteran of the Thursday Night Crew has proven he’s capable of putting a team on his shoulders. This ‘Player’s Player’ is a true gem.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2022Pit Vipers126153554815672.923.25417.92
2020Wild Horses746202368655.562.39302.44



Like U.S. Grant’s “Five O’clock in the Morning Courage,” Andy’s got the uncanny ability to step outta bed and throw a six pack. Don’t worry about the layoff with this guy, legend has it that he didn’t play for three years and then almost won Smash Saturday.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2020Prestige Worldwide9481913611052.783.06362.33
2019Larry Joe’s101153044613165.222.85366.00



The patriarch of the Tepper Clan, Joe’s the most recent Smash Saturday champion on this list. While that should be enough for anyone, he’s also managed not to strangle any of his sons – a gargantuan feat if there ever was one.

Evil Knievel jumping the Snake River has nothing on that accomplishment.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2023Shoe Size 6117202314715748.943.34386.98
2022Ringer Ringer139112434816150.003.35397.42
2021Around the Peg126143045415455.562.85356.74



No matter what the Tepper Twins said prior to the 2019 season, Jason’s proved himself a player. There’s no doubt he’s ready to play better against his old teammates then he did with them.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2023Lots at Stake159213545420164.813.72453.04
20222 Shoes for a Reason162293745822063.793.79459.10
2021Brew Crew140122325516441.822.98348.00



When he’s not breaking balls from the sidelines, Jason’s doing it while throwing ringers.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2024Brews and Shoes54490206245.003.10355.00
2023Neigh Slayers93142124012152.503.03363.00
2022Horse Power156122105918035.593.05340.68
2021Sons of Pitches174242716122244.263.64412.20
2020Murder Hornets112181814414840.913.36381.27



Looking for a good time? This is the Captain for you. Not only is Damian the guy you want around when the party starts, he’s the player you want around with the game on the line.

Guaranteed like Yoo-hoo.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
20242 In The Pit 1 On The Stick798122239552.174.13473.22
2023STFU Donny110132425113647.062.67321.73
2022Soul Assassins11663545212867.312.46329.46
2021Deez Nuts111142735213951.922.67331.23
2020Pit Bosses103151923813350.003.50408.00
2017Veal Parm and the Boys82125N/A478453.191.79231.91



Jeff has shown fine form while averaging 2.6 ringers per game – all while being very good under pressure (when you have that much Red Bull and Vodka in you it’s hard to get phased by anything) – Jeff does not disappoint.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2024Burger and the Glizzies6810151258860.003.52416.00
2023Six Pack Drinkers96173114913063.272.65332.57
2022Pit Happens8291214610026.092.17247.48
2021Sons of Pitches96102015311637.742.19260.60



Derek’s all-court game and versatile style of play involve exceptional footwork and shot-making. His apparent effortlessness and efficient movement on the court makes Derek highly popular among horseshoe fans. Having co-founded Smash Saturday in 1996, he is its Summer League’s Commissioner.

Finally – as if there was not much more that could be written about this truly fine gentlemen – his personal hygiene is beyond reproach.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2024Straight Shooters615140237160.873.09369.57
2023Four Horsemen161263715621366.073.80450.43
2022Soul Assassins130103555415064.812.78362.59
2021Wrecking Crew128252716117844.262.92340.07
2020Bomb Squad112182814714859.573.15378.47
2019Team Yedi129123415915357.632.59320.95



Mark’s sure to set the pace of the 2020 Smash Saturday Summer League draft with a decisive pick we’ll all have to live with. It’s gonna be trouble having a player with Mark’s skill set coupled with the best player available.

Smash Saturday Summer League

SeasonTeamRSPGWSOGPTotal RingersWin %RPGPOY
2024Straight Shooters446140215666.672.67333.33
2023Neigh Slayers105102415212546.152.40290.54
2022Rappid Ringers10782025412337.042.28272.81
2021No Patience11572114812943.752.69316.50
2020Red Eye Ringers697150378340.542.24264.86


Below is a complete list of available players for the 2020 Summer League Draft along with their 2019 statistics.

The “Projected” Column is the Executive Committee’s conclusion, reached after careful consideration, as to where each player will land. Rookies that have not been seen, have not yet been evaluated. Trades are Subject to the approval of the Commissioner. This guide is subject to change.

*All Columns are Sortable.

RankPlayerGWProjectedGames PlayedTotal RingersWin %RPG
1Matty D’Andrea221 (Early)4618847.834.09
2Mickey McLaughlin39-5320473.583.85
3Joey Tepper311 (Middle)5318758.493.53
4Joey Ruggiero292 (Early)6121147.543.46
5Kyle Tepper221 (Middle)4615947.833.46
6Mike Harkins281 (Early)6120545.903.36
7Jimmy Buchanan282 (Early)5317552.833.30
8Ed Weeks311 (Early)6119150.823.13
9Tom Pucher311 (Middle)5216359.623.13
10Jim Cross333 (Early)6017755.002.95
11Joshua Tepper272 (Middle)5415450.002.85
12Doug Taylor271 (Late)5515449.092.80
13Mike Ghantt26-5214550.002.79
14Tyler Marcelis24-5515243.642.76
15Jim Pote221 (Early)3910656.412.72
16Ron Cosenza301 (Late)4512266.672.71
17Shawn McNamee401 (Early)5715470.182.70
18John Morris313 (Middle)5514856.362.69
19David Mrozowicz31-5213959.622.67
20Jason Lawson303 (Early)5614853.572.64
21Mike Rivells161 (Late)4211038.102.62
22Ed Briganti261 (Early)5414148.152.61
23Steve Goldfarb333 (Middle)5313662.262.57
24Dylan Caputo (Sub)33-5814856.902.55
25Kevin White242 (Early)4310755.812.49
26Erik Burg312 (Middle)5613955.362.48
27Bill Herron332 (Middle)4912167.352.47
28Bill Ivory30-5513554.552.45
29David Piel301 (Early)5914450.852.44
30Willy Wilson261 (Early)5613646.432.43
31Cory Hutchinson232 (Late)5914038.982.37
32Ian Byrne252 (Middle)6114440.982.36
33Christopher Colfer37-5312369.812.32
34Fred Grosscup72 (Middle)245529.172.29
35Joe Gratton252 (Early)4811052.082.29
36Sean Edmondson283 (Early)6614942.422.26
37Ricky Szygiel19-439644.192.23
38Jeff Wicker20-5311637.742.19
39Joe Ansel233 (Early)5411742.592.17
40Steve Yaeger202 (Middle)5311537.742.17
41Nolan Applegate223 (Early)5310941.512.06
42Jason Tisone252 (Late)5310747.172.02
43Nathan Clattenburg223 (Early)5210042.311.92
44Joseph Guthrie202 (Middle)448445.451.91
45Dan Doherty22-509244.001.84
46Kevin Pavel19-427045.241.67
47Charlie Shellenberger203 (Early)508240.001.64
48Timothy Clark262 (Late)558747.271.58
49Steve Daugherty243 (Middle)518047.061.57
50Lou Mamie153 (Middle)517829.411.53
51Joe Boris193 (Late)466741.301.46
52Dan Walter143 (Late)405335.001.33
53Joe Malone192 (Late)486039.581.25
54Richard Breech173 (Early)455537.781.22
55Earl Hibbs223 (Middle)536441.511.21
56Bob Whitfield173 (Early)534932.080.92
57Nick Shope1-3233.330.67
59Ryan Licsaucer03 (Middle)000.000.00
60Dave Simone03 (Early)000.000.00
61Ray Bates03 (Early)000.000.00
62Doug Dunkerly0-000.000.00